About us

UNORA Construction delivers maximum value to our clients by bringing projects to life using laser scanning and 3D imaging technology before we build. Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows us to proactively mitigate project-related schedule and budget risks by generating fully integrated project environments that are instantly available to every member of the building team-from engineering department, purchasing to plumbing and electrical.

UNORA Construction is 100 % percent-owned and operated by Afghanistani investors and worked in General Contracting in Afghanistan since January 1979 and developed as an International Construction Company since in April 2004, as a road and civil construction field-under the (PI) License No. D-* issued by Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA). UNORA Construction is wholly owned by Mr. Noori a former senior staff of the Government.

UNORA International Construction Company is committed to provide trained professional staff, managing the construction process yielding with high performance from the initial stages of the contract-to completion of the various projects work.

UNORA formed since 2004, with the objective to construct durable and quality buildings for Afghanistan, Emirates and Canada. The management stressed on quality of the work and total satisfaction of the client’s right from the beginning, never compromising with the quality.

As a result of that within a short span of time the company flourished and was considered amongst a selected few reputed construction companies in North America.

UNORA Construction has implemented a number of projects since its inception in January 1979 and formed 2004 and based on its quality of service and project management skills.

UNORA International Construction Company is a nonpolitical, private company set up to deal with any organization, governmental, UN, US Army, ANA Army, NATO on contractual basis for survey, design, implementation, Services and consult of any residential and commercial project for their development, reconstruction.

UNORA Services

UNORA Construction is giving; Home Improvement Services for people of Canada and Road, Building Construction Internationally.

UNORA Construction is an engineering and general Contracting company, bearing a vast experience in particular parts of construction and involve in multiple reconstruction worldwide projects in Canada, Afghanistan, UAE and USA. We figure out solutions to cope with all kind of project – to make sure both our project and client properties are secured. At present time UNORA Construction creating job opportunities for the contractors for the people of Canada, Afghanistan, UAE and USA for developing homes, districts, cities, villages, provinces, states and countries.

The best level of quality is our target.